Young Entrepreneur Spotlight: Soul of Souljah Clothes

You know that T-shirt you always wear because it fits perfectly and looks super cool? That’s what Soul hopes to provide with his vibrant T-shirts. His mission is to make quality clothes with a great design and a comfortable fit.


Today, the rock star entrepreneur we want to focus on is Soul and his business, Souljah Clothes. Soul is 13 years old and already a successful kid business owner with his MyFirstSale virtual storefront page.


Soul says, “I started this business because I wanted to make money, learn business, and inspire young people like me to become entrepreneurs.”


His classic design comes in multiple colors as either a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. Whichever you choose, you’ll be comfortable and stylish.


Soul has learned a lot through starting his business. Here are his top three takeaways: “1. Have patience with your customers and with yourself. Always have patience no matter what. 2. Market to your people. You need to get the word out to people on what you’re doing so you can make sales. 3. Do not procrastinate in doing your business. That is something that I did. Do not do that.”


As you can see, Soul has gained valuable experience through both his success and his procrastination. Now, he encourages other kids not to make the same mistake he made.


“What I would tell other kids is this: do it,” Soul says. “It is worth the opportunity. You don’t really lose anything, honestly. You gain a lot, though. You should do it. It’s a great learning experience–and you make money while doing it.”


Soul is vulnerable about his process of starting to sell. “Being honest, I was a little bit nervous to start this business. That’s actually the meaning of Souljah: courage, pride, and passion. When you buy my clothes, you will symbolize courage, pride, and passion.”


You can help Soul meet his goals by visiting his storefront page here.

Joronda is Soul’s mom. She is so proud of what Soul has learned through starting his business.


“I’ve absolutely loved Soul being a part of this process,” she shares. “He’s learning there are a lot of things he didn’t know. He realized he needed to market early. There are a lot of questions that have to be answered. It takes a lot more than just saying, ‘Buy my product.’ Those are some of the skills he gained that can never be taken away from him. It is invaluable what he has learned in this process.”


To other parents, Joronda says, “I would definitely recommend schools and families to get involved with MyFirstSale. Your kids will get invaluable skills that will never be taken away. You’ll watch them succeed and see those bright smiles on their faces that come with that.”


MyFirstSale is a one-of-a-kind community of kid entrepreneurs from all backgrounds who encourage one another as they embark on the journey of running their own businesses. Their goals include saving money for a car, helping a friend who has cancer, and going on a special international family trip.


As soon as they join MyFirstSale, kids get access to training videos, launch checklists, and a website with their own virtual storefront so they can easily sell their creative products.


MyFirstSale kid business owners know anything is possible. They’re gritty and tenacious. They believe they have something beautiful to offer the world, something no one else can give.

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