Sponsor Opportunities Available for Summer & Fall 2021 and Spring 2022!

Why Choose MyFirstSale For
Your Virtual Business Fair?

Many financial advisors, real estate agents, insurance agents, loan officers, and entrepreneurs talk about “doing something for their community,” but don’t really know how to make it happen.. Are you ready to actually do something that makes a real impact? Are you ready to not only do good work, but attract referrals without having to ask for referrals? We launched a platform to teach hundreds of local young people skills they need to succeed: goal setting, delayed gratification, grit, the value of a dollar, financial literacy, pricing and profit, creating value from nothing, principles in business, and confidence in the future! Double down your impact and strengthen relationships within your community while growing your brand and reach to potential clients. What do you have to do? Pick a school and sponsor the event! What do we do? Everything else!

This is not just lead generation, prospecting, and a marketing expense! This is the most powerful giveback opportunity that you’ll ever have to make a real impact in your community. By partnering with us, you’ll teach financial literacy to hundreds of families and empower the next generation. You get all the credit for the success;  you’re the title sponsor, connector, and face of it in your community. We do all the work. We put you in front of 500 community members in the best giveback opportunity of your career. Give the gift of financial literacy to the students in your local schools and potential clients’ families.

2 ways to make an impact:

  1. Sponsor multiple virtual business fairs at your local schools.

  2. Launch a fair only available to your clients’ kids or grandkids with a capacity of 50 kids.

Here’s What Kids Get



Virtual Platform to host your event



Prep and launch courses, checklists, and maps for all your kid vendors


One-Stop Shop

One-stop online shops for each vendor with pitch video and product pictures


Sales tracking to recognize top entrepreneurs

Next Steps


Email or call Travis at travis@myfirstsale.com or call 903.812.0480

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