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Just by being here, you are already winning as a parent. Well done. But just in case you didn’t know all the benefits of My First Sale, here they are in simple bullet form:

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Included in Your Membership:

  • 12-Video Launch Curriculum
  • Seamless Set Up and Payments
  • 16 Badges to Earn
  • Unlimited Product Lines
  • Up to 3 Kids Per Business
  • Automated Customer Emails/Shipping Labels
  • Physical or Digital Products
  • New Courses Coming Soon (Grit, Saving, Gratitude, etc)

15-Day-Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you decide you want a refund, simply Contact Us within 15 days of signing up and we will promptly refund 100% of your money.

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ESA Only – Online Classes

$0.00 / year and a $127.00 sign-up fee

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ESA Only – Online Classes
$0.00 / year and a $127.00 sign-up fee
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“I made yarn Pom Poms and sold them. It did pretty well and I made $250. Always make sure to sell something that you love to make because I liked doing it, and I could get others to help me just for fun. My dad says it was cheap labor.”

–Abbey, 13

“With My First Sale, kids can learn about business online, with really great lessons and with motivating things from a kid’s perspective.  We think it’s fantastic! The money we spent on it, including our time and energy, is probably the best investments that we’ve made in our kids.  ”

–Jean & Mindy Klinkhammer

Common Questions

Can I have multiple products and kids under the same account?
– Yes, up to 3 people can create a business storefront page and under your master account.  Each account comes with multiple products and product lines under each business.

Can my child have multiple business pages under one account?
– Yes, kids can launch new products, product lines, or even new businesses as they continue to grow in the program. Top performing students have had several business ideas.

What can I sell on My First Sale?
– MyFirstSale provides a marketplace for young entrepreneurs who want to make or sell anything! This can include crafters, artists, bakers, sewers, woodworkers, collectors, mechanics, gardeners, and innovators to name a few. Both physical goods and digital products can be sold on My First Sale. We do not allow anything illegal, drugs, alcohol, weapons, perishable or unpackaged foods and drinks, anything else not safe to make or sell as a student.

How do fees work on My First Sale?
– Students sign up and pay a one time fee of $97 (before any discounts) for the online class to get the training course and access unlimited store pages. We also have a transaction fee of 5% on sales to cover our costs .

How do I get paid on My First Sale?
– There are two ways to get paid at My First Sale. Using your paypal or your bank account. You will be able to enter your paypal email or bank account details on your store manager. Once you complete this information, you’ll get weekly payouts of net sales generated that week for orders that are marked as completed.

Is my Child’s Information Safe?
– Your child’s safety is our top priority! One of our training videos addresses this with our students.  We make sure that no last names are on their page, restricted email addresses, phone numbers, and student social media accounts from being linked. My First Sale is set up so that all orders will go to the parent or guardian’s email only.  Lastly, we don’t put your home address listed on the site.

How do you handle returns of product?
– We do not allow returns under $10, and in general returns are not recommended for student store pages.  This will be at the discretion of the parent or guardian and the buyer, and should be reflected in Reviews and helping teach students.

What if I Want to Cancel?
– You are free to turn off your page at any time and fulfill any outstanding orders.  If for any reason you decide you want a refund within the first 15 days before selling any product, let us know and we will promptly refund 100% of your money.

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Your Store Page will be filled in as you complete the Launch Course. We recommend having at least a business name and a student added to your store.

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A parent or guardian is required to set up the vendor account for student. Students can be added as managers for the store once an account is created.

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