My New Horse!!!!

Hi Guys! I just got a new horse named Abby! I have ridden her a lot before I started leasing her because she lives at the barn I ride. I am now officially leasing her, I started on May 18th! Thank you guys for supporting me by buying candles and for the kind words. Make Sure to follow my instagram: amazing_things_fun for more updates and info and to get notified when I create a new candle

Me and My Horse Abby                  Click These Words to watch a short video —>Me and Abby Video



Hey guys I am, so excited and that means you should be tooSpring is tomorrow, so this means new candles will be posted soonPlease click the follow button, so whenever I post a new update, you get notified🙂


Some Things That I have Learned While Owning A Business

One thing that I have learned about growing a business is that you have to not get discouraged when people don’t buy from you. Another thing that I have learned is that you have to try new things to see what appeals to the customers or group of people that you are trying to sell to. Overall, what I have learned while running my business (SOPHIE’S STUFF) is that it can be hard, but through it all, it can also be really fun!

2nd Raffle and more!

I am doing another raffle! The winner will win a Dragonfly Candle! To enter press the link down below and then write your name in the comments. (The link leads to raffle candle post in Amazing Things insta account) This raffle is for FREE, you do not have to pay to enter!

I will be announcing the winner of the raffle tomorrow at 5 p.m. (Eastern  time) We are only shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

Please follow Amazing Things insta account to get notified when I post new products, new raffles, and other amazing and fun updates!

Link to enter the raffle and/or follow my account.

Lessons I Have Learned

I have learned many great lessons here. I learned how to start a business, how to set up my storefront and much much more.I have also learned about profit making, the importance of a sales pitch and also, how good it feels. I have had lots of fun on here and I’m sure it only gets better 🙂

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