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Why Choose MyFirstSale For
Your Virtual Business Fair?

  • 12-hour training, prep, and launch course leading up to the event
  • Weekly Zoom calls (optional) with My First Sale coach and fellow students to ask questions and receive feedback.
  • Comprehensive launch checklist to maximize sales on business fair day
  • One-stop online shop for each kid entrepreneur to make sales transactions, track goals and progress, share lessons learned, and receive badges for hitting milestones
  • One-year access after the event for kids to grow and continue selling if they so choose
  • Detailed tracking of kid vendor sales for awards and recognition
  • Capacity for kids to receive sponsorships from local businesses and highlight them during the event
  • Ability to increase sales of each kid vendor since shoppers don’t have to be present to buy
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you need to book now and get sponsorships later.

Here’s What You’ll Get



Virtual Platform to host your event



Prep and launch courses, checklists, and maps for all your kid vendors


One-Stop Shop

One-stop online shops for each vendor with pitch video and product pictures


Sales tracking to recognize top entrepreneurs

Business Fair Details

Now children’s business fairs and kid entrepreneur expos can partner with MyFirstSale to help empower groups of local kids to launch their businesses. Our platform works for both hybrid (mix of in-person and online) events and 100% virtual events.

Each virtual fair can host up to 500 customers (family & friends) plus up to 100 kid businesses per fair. Multiple fairs per group are available.

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