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This Bundle Includes the following videos:

Montessori Coat Flip Video

Montessori Dry Scooping Video

Why Montessori is Important for Your Child

Montessori Wet Spooning Video

How to have a Tea Party the Montessori way!

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Kelly Stewart - May 25, 2021
Thank you, Morgana! I am an aspiring Montessori teacher and I will use your videos to help me learn. You are an AMAZING teacher! Thank you!
Brooke Beaton - May 18, 2021
This is so great! My 3 yr old daughter, Hope, loves to watch these videos!
Kevin - May 16, 2021
These videos give some great tips on how to do simple Montessori style activities with children. Thanks for making them!
Desiree Van Bogart - March 27, 2021
You have worked so hard to complete this Montessori training video! I love your determination and your love of learning.

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