Empower Your Kids to Be An Entrepreneur for a Day, Tuttle Twins Founder Connor Boyack

Hello Tuttle Twins Family! Similar to our books, MyFirstSale teaches children the principles of entrepreneurship that they no longer learn in school. The MyFirstSale platform has launched hundreds of kids who have made thousands of dollars in sales. Once you sign up, your family will learn free markets, competition, individual rights, responsibility, grit, budgeting and generosity in a fun and easy to understand way.

Your child can become an entrepreneur in two primary ways with MyFirstSale. First, you can sign up for the Launch Your Business Course and work at your own pace. If you sign up within the next 24 hours, you’ll get an exclusive 20% OFF as part of the Tuttle Twins community. Second, you can host an Online Business Fair using MyFirstSale (can be 100% virtual, in-person, or hybrid) with you and your neighborhood, school, or organization. If you sign up within 7 days, your child will get a FREE sign up.

“I’ve been in love with business since the 3rd grade when I made gecko keychains.

Since then I’ve spent my life inspiring thousands of kids to find their passion and change the world through entrepreneurship.

MyFirstSale does three things very well for each child:

  • Develop Real World Business Skills
  • Create an Easy and Safe Online Marketplace to Sell Products
  • Curate a Vibrant Community of Young Entrepreneurs.

The cherry on top is that your kids gain confidence for the future and make great money

For only $77– your child gets

  • All 12 Launch Your Business Course Modules
  • Easy to use online One-Stop Shop
  • Payment Processing
  • Weekly Payments to kids
  • Up to 3 Kids Per Business

Here’s what other parents have said
about MyFirstSale:

Coley Arnold

“MyFirstSale sets kids up for success. My kids have learned so much all while making…

Coley Arnold
Owner of The Foundress, Vintage Market Home

Kim Fried

“My 16-year-old daughter has learned about branding, marketing, internet safety… it’s been a wonderful experience

Kim Fried
Coach, Entrepreneur

Lance Manywounds

“My 5 and 7-year-old boys get it and love it!”

Lance Manywounds
Entrepreneur, Investor

Davey Asprey

“MyFirstSale has done wonders for my daughter. It’s given me a chance to work more…

Davey Asprey
Entrepreneur, Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

Jillianne developed a product she calls, The Giving Plate. When you give food to a friend, you use this plate. The Giving Plate isn’t returned--it’s passed onto the next person.

Jillianne has made over $1000 selling this idea. There are no shortages of great ideas and real talent!

If you need help coming up with ideas, click here and I’ll send a link so you can download a list of over 150 different ideas for products kids can make.

Abbey has some good advice for kids. She made and sold pom-poms. She recommends picking a product you love to make. Then you’ll have fun while you are making it!

Abbey has some good advice for kids. She made and sold pom-poms. She recommends picking a product you love to make. Then you’ll have fun while you are making it!

What makes this program different

This is not a sit and passively watch program.
After each video, it’s ACTION time.
The kids complete different steps that follow the program to get their business going.
Tasks include coming up with a name, deciding if you want to work with a partner, what kind of business you want to have, how to develop a launch program and more.
These steps take real decision-making and are fun to do together.

What’s Included in
the Launch Your Business Course?

How It Works:

Here’s a breakdown of what your kids will learn
from MyFirstSale Launch Your Business Course:

Module # 1:
Parents Intro
Learn about how the program is set-up and what your kids will get out of it
including confidence and how to turn an idea into a product to sell.

Module # 2:
Student Intro
Learn how the economy works and the importance of creating a product
people will value and pay for.

Module # 3:
Choosing a Business
What kind of business to choose and why you need to focus on the Sweet Spot.

Module # 4:
Welcome to Profit
Understand how to calculate profit.

Module # 5:
Welcome to Pricing
How to position your product to get the best price.

Module # 6:
Welcome to Selling
Is your product something you are proud to put your name on?
How to develop a sales pitch.

Module # 7:
Making your Product
Think of everything involved in getting your product from concept into your
customer’s hands.

Module # 8:
Setting Up Your Store Page
What does it take to sell your product online: photos, sales copy, and more.

Module # 9:
Marketing Plan
Products don’t sell themselves. You need a plan and you create one here.

Module # 10:
Staying Safe Online
Basic advice for kids on how to stay safe online.

Module # 11:
Time for Launch
This is exciting! What you need to do to “Launch” your product.

Module # 12:
What’s Next
How are you going to follow up? More products? Sell in different places?
Think about it!

What You'll Notice

The biggest benefit you’ll notice is your child’s
increased confidence in their decision-making

You kids get tools they can use right away.

Don’t delay.

Sign your kids up today so they
can start the whole process

As soon as they complete the business modules, they’ll be ready to make their products and post them on their online sales page.

This is a simple system they can execute with a little help from you.

This will lay the foundation for a future where your kids can see possibilities and know they have the ability to get the job done

Sign up today and get started. If your kids are ready to step into the life of an entrepreneur, click the link below to enroll in the program.

The investment is only $97 to change the course of your kids’ lives and give them a real advantage.

That includes all 12 MyFirstSale Launch Your Business Course modules to lay the business foundation for your kids.

You get the sales pages where they can easily upload pictures and information of their products to sell.

The program goes over all of the details about how you ship and how you get paid.

Get your child started on the road to entrepreneurship.

Small businesses are how economies grow and this is exactly what we need right now.

You have a lot of flexibility with
the MyFirstSale program

  • three students can work together to make one product or
  • one student create three different products or
  • 3 students have 3 different products.

Your kids also have the option to contribute 10% of their earnings
in a charity give-back program.

All for the same $97.

Sign up and start today.

See your child blossom in a whole new way!

Start nurturing that entrepreneurial spirit!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: $97 is a one-time payment for your Launch Your Business Course along with your One Stop Online Shop. Kids can set up multiple stores and create multiple businesses from this page. The Online Store front allows your kid entrepreneur to safely share their business pitch, product pictures, and product videos. Customers can order kids’ products directly from this storefront and all proceeds will be routed to parents’ bank accounts weekly.

A: The Launch Your Business Course along with your kid’s storefront is all on the MyFirstSale.com website. Periodic trainings and community meetings will be on the MyFirstSale Facebook page. For our MyFirstSale Membership Entrepreneurs and Parents, you’ll be invited into a private Facebook Group where we will host coaching sessions. For our Master Coaching Program Entrepreneurs, you will get access to exclusive Zoom meetings with the founders.

A: From sign up to launching your product and selling it, it takes an average of a couple of weeks. This may vary depending on your child’s product or service. For highly motivated kid entrepreneurs, the courses and storefront can be set up within a few days.

A: Expect for your child to be challenged AND to think outside the box to discover their passion. Also, expect small failures along the way. These are significant in the learning process as they lead to real learning! Be patient and continue to encourage your kid entrepreneur to keep trying until they have finally set up shop and are able to start selling.

A: The benefits include being inspired by other kids’ business ideas, learning key lessons about launching a business, understanding and learning the core functionalities of launching a business, AND discovering your child’s passion!

A: Your kid is a genius and will surprise you. MyFirstSale is a good fit for any kid ages 5-17 who wants to be creative, discover their passions, and learn business.

A: Your kid entrepreneur’s safety is our #1 concern, and have several guardrails to keep our marketplace extra safe for kids. One of our training videos addresses safety. We make sure that no last names, emails, phone numbers, addresses or personal social media accounts are linked to the page at all. MyFirstSale is set up so that all orders will go to the parent or guardian’s email only. Lastly, we don’t put your home address listed on the site.

A: Kids who complete the 12 launch courses and then launch their store usually make their $97 back within weeks of launching their business. Go look at our current young entrepreneur storefronts to see how much they’ve earned, how close they are to their goals, and what badges they’ve earned.

A: Go here to see our young entrepreneur store fronts.

A: Click the Get Started Now button and you will gain access to your Launch Your Business Courses along with your storefront.

A: Don’t worry! Through our vibrant online kid entrepreneur community and coaching tips from seasoned entrepreneurs, you will be spurred on along every step of the way.

A: We have young entrepreneurs around the world and this community is a key piece for kids inspiring kids. We often have young entrepreneurs who are challenged and motivated by hearing the ideas of other entrepreneurs during a video or online sessions. Many times one new idea can spark the successful launch of a new business!

30 Day
Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day
Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with MyFirstSale.If your young entrepreneur fully completes the Launch Your Business Course within 30 days and is still not satisfied, MyFirstSale will give you a full refund.

I am sure you will be glad you joined the MyFirstSale program. Your child will start to see the world in a whole new way that will serve them well in years to
come. Learning business skills now will help them to leapfrog others for a real advantage.

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