The Three-Step Perfect Pitch Plan for Kid Entrepreneurs

Hi there! Today, I’m going to unveil an awesome three-step method that will help you craft your sales pitch to ensure your customers understand the significance of what you’re selling.

Let’s start with a bad example.

I’m Scott. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m the Founder of MyFirstSale. Want to become a member?

You probably wouldn’t automatically buy, right? Why? You don’t know what MyFirstSale is. You don’t know how it could help you. You don’t even know how much it costs.


How about this?

I’m Scott. I’ve created a platform called MyFirstSale, a learn-by-doing platform that gives kids the life skills and confidence to sell their products in a safe, friendly online environment. If you join MyFirstSale, you’ll receive training and support as you launch your business and create your product or service. You’ll benefit from the site traffic that comes from hundreds of other successful kid business owners. You can get all of this for just $97 for the whole year! Are you ready to join now and inspire your kids in a new way?

Much better, right? You understand what the business is and how it benefits you, and you can easily decide whether the price is worthwhile for you. Are you ready to make your own pitch?


Here’s the Three-Step Perfect Pitch Plan:

  • What is it? What is your business? Be specific. If you’re selling potted plants, say, “I’m selling potted plants.” If you’re looking at how to start a skateboard company, include the specs of each kind of skateboard you create. If you’re providing a service like taking family photos, explain exactly what you intend to do for your customer.


  • Why is it the best? What’s unique about your product or service? How will it make your customer feel? Here are some examples. These potted plants will brighten up your kitchen and soothe you with their beauty. These skateboards are unique because they allow you to ollie easily. These photos will portray the closeness and love of your family like nothing else can.


  • How much is it? Your customers need to know your price. Include any bundles or discounts you have. My plants are $10 each, but you can get three for just $25. If you buy a skateboard during Black Friday weekend, I’ll inscribe a message of your choice on the bottom for free. If you book a 1-hour photo session, I’ll throw in a free frame for your favorite photo.

These are the three big questions you need to answer in order to create the perfect sales pitch. Think about it. Refine it. Try it out on a few people. Tweak it. Master it.

You need to make sure you are messaging your product or service correctly. You can’t just make stuff and expect someone to buy it. You have to actually go out and pitch it and tell people about it. Is your pitch ready? Now get out there and sell!

Empower Your Kids

MyFirstSale gives kids the life skills and confidence to sell their products in a safe, friendly online environment

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Here is a list of 150+ business ideas for students to try out. Copy them, combine them, and innovate off of them. You can do anything, except nothing. Remember, you do NOT need to know your business in order to sign up. We will help you find the perfect business idea during our training course. You can also have several store pages
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