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Abbey, 13

I made yarn Pom Poms and sold them. It did pretty well and I made $250. Always make sure to sell something that you love to make because I liked doing it, and I could get others to help me just for fun. My dad says it was cheap labor.

Young Entrepreneur

mom of 4 kiddos

I’m a mom of 4 kiddos, and they’ve done the business fair for several years now, and it’s awesome because they’ve learned how to do a pitch, they’ve learned about economics, they’ve learned all kinds of great things along the way, and they made tons of money … like $100 the first time which is so great! They loved launching their own business!  My daughter started when she was 5 and all of them have done different businesses. They’ve done bracelets, duct tape wallets, Para cord bracelets, water bottles … they’ve done tons! And, they are really so much more confident.  One of the things that I’ve loved while they were learning about the Pitch, the kids got to learn how telling their customers why what they were selling is awesome, not just “this is what I am selling so give me money for it”. So, they’ve really done a great job in giving them the skills and have confidence to really sell anything, and explain why it’s awesome. We LOVE the Business Fair!


Jean & Mindy Klinkhammer

It’s been an incredible experience. They’ve done a couple of different businesses, and have made a couple of hundred dollars each time they have done it.  I can truly say that it’s one of the best learning experiences they’ve had. One of the things that our kids have learned the most, is how to skillfully interact with adults, make a sale, look people in the eye, gain some confidence when describing a product and being passionate about something, as well as the way to solve the problem and especially gaining the confidence. Especially our daughter who was a little shyer and it really has helped her to develop as a young adult.


Casey Furtado

Best $77 ever invested! Wow. We really enjoyed discussing the reasons we want to make money, figuring out the purpose of why we’re doing this, and figuring out how we are going to beat competitors (better, faster, cheaper).


Coley Arnold

I’m so excited to share about My First Sale. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the value and importance of learning these skills at a young age.  At My First Sale, they really do set you up for success: my kids have loved the program, and learned so much, all while making money which is so fun. We had fun brainstorming ideas, doing things together as a family, and the skills that they learn are really invaluable. I really can’t wait for My First Sale, and I hope you love it too.


Micah & Melinda Utterback

We have 5 kids going on 6, “I love that our children, at least our older two, have their own businesses because they have such ownership in something that we’ve helped them with, but we don’t have to help them anymore, unless they come to us for advice.  They understand how to run their own finances from a young age, because really dealing with money from a young age and learning how to manage that has been awesome.  The greatest benefit I have seen on a practical level has been interpersonal skills, they’ve both met a lot of different people that they normally wouldn’t have interacted with at this age, and it’s really caused them to up their game in their interpersonal skills. And it’s been great watching that without us having to push … it’s just happening. Another thing about our kids having their own business is they have learned time management and they know how to get their schoolwork done, and then do their business work, and they manage their time really well. That is something that has really come through with their business because before we had to push in certain areas … “will you please do this?” and now it’s hands off. We don’t have to think about them showing up to do that. It’s their own adventure, its’ their own business … it’s their own. And they want to get their chores done, so they can go do their business. And, they’ve learned how to market their business, how to expand it, areas where they can figure out their cost. We really like the creativity that’s come about with our children because it’s been fun watching how their creative juices have started to flow in their own business. And also it’s been great to just see areas where they realize “I just don’t like this part of the business or maybe even like this business” because they’re at the stage where they can go ahead and be free to fail or say “I just don’t enjoy this, this isn’t my personality” and then try something totally different.


Lance Manywounds

I have a 5-year old and 7-year old, and they’ve built 2 businesses. And they literally made hundreds of dollars doing it. It’s AMAZING. And I can’t speak highly enough about doing this because it is stuff that you don’t learn in schools. This is something that moves the needle for people, as you get older. So, if you can teach your kids this early, it’s amazing what this will do. And my boys already get it. They know business. They know what money does. They saved up to buy their own toys. They know that if they have to go to the store to buy their own toys, they have to pay for it themselves and they can! This sense of pride for my kids is amazing! I can’t speak highly enough about MyFirstSale.com, so check it out, you won’t be disappointed, it’s awesome!


Brooks, 8

I learned that you should always sell things for more money than you paid to make them. I learned that I want the products I sell to be better, so more people want them.

Young Entrepreneur

Scout, 10

You want to see how much your materials cost, then you decide what to price it for. Profit is where you make more than what you paid to make your products – profit is GOOD!

Young Entrepreneur

KJ, 13

I am really enjoying The My First Sale video lessons. They are short, but full of good lessons. My favorite 3 things I’ve learned so far are: – how to price my product – how to create my pitch – How to confidently give my pitch to a customer. I am really excited to launch.

Young Entrepreneur

Anna A,

I really liked surveying people and asking if they would buy it, and if so, how much, and if they could improve it any more. It really helps to get people’s opinions.

Young Entrepreneur

Gwen and Flora, 12

Our favorite video was Marketing because it showed us how to get our business out there before we launch it so customers can be ready to buy stuff right away. We will ask our family and friends to start spreading the word on Instagram, and we’ll text people about it, and we are asking our grandparents to ask their friends to tell other people about it.

Young Entrepreneur


My favorite video was “Welcome to Hero’s Journey” because I like figuring out if my product is better, faster or cheaper. I chose the one that starts with “B” and ends with an “ER”.

Young Entrepreneur


My favorite video was how to make something and then adding value to it.

Young Entrepreneur

Scout, 10

I learned how many bags that I can make with 1 yard, and how to maximize the number of bags and straps to buy with my money.

Young Entrepreneur

Joanna R.

My favorite was learning about marketing my product as better, faster or cheaper and figuring out how to bundle them together to be cheaper, especially because it’s cheaper to make them.

Young Entrepreneur

Madeline R, 10

My favorite video was pricing and learning how to bundle my products together so that people can buy more than one at a time. People can get a discount that way and I can sell more at one time bundled together.

Young Entrepreneur

Anna Gene, 8

I think that the AZ CBF is a really great way to meet people. I did my first one when I was 5. They teach you a pitch, help you meet people, it’s a really good way to get connected. It teaches you life skills for when you’re older and for when you’re doing a real business.

Young Entrepreneur

Gabe B

I love online businesses. My favorite part is interacting and pitching to customers. And I love My First Sale.

Young Entrepreneur

Amara B.

I loved running my own business, and my favorite part was creating everything for the business fair. And I loved having My First Sale.

Young Entrepreneur

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