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Warriors Power of Three/Omen of the Stars Sticker Pack (Five Pieces: Dovewing, Ivypool, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Lionblaze)

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Introduction and This Land Is My Land Lessons (must purchase first)


In these  videos I will be teaching students the basics of guitar as well as the song “This Land is Your Land”! (Must purchase first)

This package includes the following 6 lessons:

Lesson 1: The parts of the guitar, names of strings, tuning the guitar, and positioning. (13 minutes)

Lesson 2: Many of the common notes of the guitar and finger placement. (10 minutes)

Lesson 3: 5 very common chords used in guitar including the 3 chords which will be used to play This Land Is My Land. (8 minutes)

Lesson 4: The first of three lessons which teach the strumming pattern to This Land Is My Land, reviews the chords to the song, and introduces timing and how to use the metronome. (28 minutes – Don’t be afraid to pause, take breaks, and stretch.)

Lesson 5: Reviews everything we’ve learned so far about This Land Is My Land including strumming, chords, and focusing on the timing of the song using the metronome. (19 minutes)

Lesson 6: Reviews the entire song with singing (Don’t worry, I use a recording!  I spare you from my singing voice!) and teaches you to play the song all the way through at regular speed. (17 minutes)

Reminder, never be afraid to pause the videos and take breaks at any point during the lessons.  These lessons are meant to be both easy and fun!

Once purchased, an email containing the link to the lessons will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


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Mrs. Theodoulou - March 10, 2021
Oliver is a fantastic guitar teacher! I completed my first lesson and have learned so much!
Donna Nation - March 10, 2021
Easy to follow and fun lessons! Way to go Oliver!

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