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Festive Sky: children of the light ornaments


Build Your Whale!

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Hi Sunny,

I’m handmade  and love kayaking and eating bananas!   

I’m guaranteed to brighten your day, and would love to be in your stocking this holiday season.


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Sylvia Boyd - February 23, 2023
Super cute and beautifully crafted. Thank you for the fun whales.
Micah W - February 20, 2023
I love the whales. My brother took True Blue and Teddy to Quebec. Everyone loved them. Thank you for your amazing work!
Galen - November 29, 2022
Amazing hand made little whale, it’s so cute and my girlfriend loved it! These kids have such amazing talents, and what they are doing is great. I’m happy to support their first small business
The Hamade Sisters - November 20, 2022
We are 5 and 3 years old and ordered two whales each. These are incredibly cute and colourful toys that we can carry easily in our pockets and snuggle with at night. Our favourite part about the wales are the colour combinations and the eyes! These are really well made and will be bringing them to show-and-tell to promote to our friends!
Cynthia B. - November 20, 2022
I am absolutely delighted with my little whales. They will have a special Christmas tree all to themselves.

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