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Love With Heart – White Candle – Ruby Red Sparkles – Laundry scent


Diamond – White Design Candle – Magical Mermaid Sparkles – Vanilla scent

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Love – White Candle – Ruby Red Sparkles – Laundry scent


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Beautiful white candle with ruby red sparkles. laundry scented. Carved with the word LOVE 
Made with love.


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Adrianna - June 17, 2021
I love my candles! They have a wonderful fragrance and how they serve as constant reminder to live with intention. It is so special to own something crafted with love and to support the young creators behind them.
Adrianna - June 16, 2021
I love my candles! I love to see and support young entrepreneurs and feel their passion to create! Mia’s candles have a wonderful scent and most important for me the words are great reminders to live a beautiful life! I have LOVE, BELIEVE, JOY and just got my summer edition SUNSHINE!
Amy - March 12, 2021
Mia's candles are beautiful and add the perfect ambiance to my art space! I especially love the ones with the inspirational words on them!
Liz Peck - February 17, 2021
Got my candles! Beautiful! I love them❣️❣️❣️
Esther Sassy - February 14, 2021
Awesome candles.
Sharon - February 13, 2021
I am so proud of you Mia It’s so beautiful and useful, I already purchase the candle thank you❣️
Ariel Albani - February 13, 2021
Absolutely love Mia’s candles! Especially the sparkly ones! Blessings!
Ariel Albani - February 13, 2021
Absolutely love Mia’s candles, especially the sparkling ones! Blessings!
etty - January 27, 2021
Bought it for myself and for gifting a friend. Perfect gift for casual meeting or visiting friends. Friend liked it very much and the fragrance is amazing and long lasting.
Hanit - January 25, 2021
Beautiful candles! Love the aroma :-) Will be back for more candles!
Hanit - January 25, 2021
Beautiful Candles! Love the aroma 💜
Zack - January 24, 2021
Bought a candle Was better in reality then in the pic Mia was very kind The candle was beautiful

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