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Yellow/ purple/blue pour painting


Women’s Red Create Shield T-shirt

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S’more Dreams (Whole Batch)


Item will be shipped in 1-3 business days

Mr. Scott says these are the best Rice Krispy Treats he has ever tasted!!!!!


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Wendy Richard - July 21, 2020
Our kids bought the Lucky Charm Dreams and Sugar Scrub. They loved both so much they couldn't decide which one they enjoyed more. The only problem seemed to be how quickly they both went (Should have bought more!). We strongly encourage anyone to buy their products. They are very quick to deliver them as well.
Krysta And Jacob Fast - May 28, 2020
Madeleine and Johanna are a delight to buy from!!! Johanna’s caramel stuffed rice Krispy treats are delicious. They are caramelly goodness. Madeleine’s scrub makes your hands soft and smelling great. I used the scrub on my lips which left them healthy, smooth, and hydrated. My scrub came with a sweet charm that I can put on a necklace or bracelet! I will be looking forward to buying from this shop again.
Scott - May 21, 2020
Stuffed Krispy Bars!?!? Caramel!?!? Who knew?!?! Awesome!!!

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