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Custom Bracelets


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With Brooke’s Custom Bracelets, you can put ANY word on a fashionable bracelet of ANY color in the rainbow and more!  Brooke’s Custom Bracelets make a great gift for friends and family and they are so simple to buy. Look at the provided pictures to choose which colors of bracelet you want.  Then add Custom Bracelets to your cart, add a note saying which words and colors you want on your bracelet (you can do this after you checkout), and BOOM!  Your beautiful custom bracelets look great layered, or by themselves.  For an added bonus, buy any of Brooke’s pre-made colorful bracelets to tie the look together.  These bracelets are amazing!


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Liz W - June 08, 2021
I cannot say enough good things about Brooke’s Bracelets! I have purchased 5 already and will be ordering more. They are personalized and more comfortable than similar bracelets I have purchased at big name retail stores. I will only buy from Brooke going forward!
Lindsay K - June 04, 2021
I highly recommend Brooke's Bracelets!!! The bracelets are stylish, unique and comfortable. Every time I wear one of these beautiful bracelets, I receive so many compliments. I can't wait to check out the future designs and add more to my collection!!!
sharon erickson - June 02, 2021
What a beautiful bracelet.....I've seen similar at Nordstrom for over $30 !!! High quality, custom bracelets. The sky is the limit on those custom pieces. Comfortable and stylish....what a combination. I highly recommend Brooke's Bracelets.
Brittany - June 02, 2021
I absolutely ADORE my Americana and my custom name bracelets! I'm always getting asked where I bought my bracelets and now I'm glad I can share where I bought my beautiful bracelets! Thanks Brooke's Bracelets!

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