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Boo Boo Squares unscented / comic pirate print

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Boo Boo Square unscented / rainbow fox print


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Filled with rice.  This boo boo pad is sewn and filled by hand with love and care. You can either warm it up in the microwave or use it out of the freezer for a soothing cold pad. Bumps and bruises are no fun, but these soft fabrics and fun prints will help make it better. 

These also work great with Imaginary boo boos! 

Tip: Keep Heating pad in ziplock bag in freezer.


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Layla Churchman - March 19, 2021
Love it Dylan I warmed my Boo Boo Square for morning and put it in the freezer for when I go to bed.
Isabella O - March 17, 2021
I love the Mighty Heating Pad! I have a lot of back pain and it helps me soothe my back as I sleep! The shape of the heating pad is extremely functional as it can lay flat, fold, or roll to fit anywhere and provide the best support. The lavender infused heating pads are amazing at putting me to sleep, I don’t want to get up from bed in the mornings! I love this product as it is handmade and uses sustainable materials for the filling!
Mrs. Cleary - March 11, 2021
Dylan was very prompt with delivery! It was delivered less than 24 hours after purchase. The wrapping that it was in was very cute and the lavender scent is AMAZING! I'm excited to use this product for a long time.
Leticia Ortega - March 10, 2021
I absolutely love my heating pad and boo boo square. The smell of lavender makes my room feel like a spa. Costumer service was amazing and pick up was a breeze.
Virginia Eusebio - March 10, 2021
Love Love my heating Pad and Boo Boo square! They smell deliciously!
Virginia - March 09, 2021
I Love my heating pad boo boo square! The prints are cheerful and cute. I have been using the boo boo squares as part for my beauty routine for my eyes.
Nena Suwara - March 09, 2021
I love my hearing pad. It’s really cute, well made, smells delicious, and hold heat nicely. I really need this heating pad and was glad to have purchased it from Dylan’s Mighty Hearing Pad!

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