How MyFirstSale Impacts Families Over Time

When your kids are young, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of life and not notice how much they’re growing. Looking back on their childhood after they’ve flown the nest, everything becomes clear. You understand how their experiences shaped them and developed the skills that have helped them succeed in life.

For Jean and Mindy Klinkhamer, the experience that shaped their children was MyFirstSale. From an early age, their kids, David and Abbey, came up with their own business ideas for kids and learned valuable lessons through creating their own businesses.

“This has been an incredible experience for both of our kids,” Jean says. “They’ve done a couple of different businesses, made hundreds of dollars each time they’ve done it, and I can truly say it’s one of the best learning experiences they’ve had.”

David and Abbey’s Business Ideas for Kids

David’s business was called Mr. Mango. He carved mangos in the shape of a flower and put them on a stick to sell to hungry customers. He figured out how to price his product and charge enough to make sure he would profit, earning around $500 after expenses. He also learned (the hard way) that a cut-proof glove was a key piece of equipment for his business.

Abbey tried several businesses before she found one that worked well for her. First, she created Sweet Surprise Jam, where she sold homemade health-conscious jam with chia seeds and a dash of honey. Her products sold well, but she realized the overhead cost was too high to make a decent profit. Next, she sold healthy energy balls. Still, the ingredients were too expensive for her to earn enough profit.

Finally, Abbey started a decorative pom pom business. She sold cute pom pom garlands, wreaths, keychains, wrapping paper kits, etc. This time, her overhead cost was low enough and she could charge more for her products. She earned about $400 after expenses.

Abbey also loved having a business where she could prepare products in advance and have them ready to sell rather than a food business where she had to wait for orders before making the food. She found it less stressful to be able to create products in advance and build up an inventory.

The Legacy of MyFirstSale

Jean and Mindy have a lot to say about how these early business experiences positively affected their kids. Mindy remembers, “They learned about presenting their business in an eye-catching way and delivering their pitch with confidence. They also developed different maker skills. Most importantly, they learned that hard work can be fun and rewarding.”

Jean says, “They learned so much about how the economy works, what a business is, how to price products, and how to talk to adults. That has prepared them for life because they understand income, taxes, giving, and investing. Best of all, they learned this in a way that really motivated them because they were making money in the process.”

Most of all, David and Abbey’s parents have been amazed by how much they have grown since starting their own businesses. Mindy says, “Our son has always been confident in everything he does, and he gained the skills to match his confidence level. Our daughter, on the other hand, was really shy when she was young. She learned to be bold in trying to attract people to her business. She grew in confidence.”

David and Abbey Today

Now, David has graduated high school and is working full-time at an IT firm. He feels like the sky’s the limit for him. He is very driven and excited about owning his own business one day.

Abbey is a sophomore in high school. She works at a restaurant and plays high level volleyball with her school and club. These first business experiences really helped shape her into the confident young lady she is becoming today.

If they had never started their own businesses as children, David and Abbey might be different people. Their parents don’t regret their investment in the slightest.

“The money that we spent on this and our time and energy is probably one of the best investments we’ve made in our kids,” Jean reflects.

What are you waiting for? Your kids can start growing today by starting a business with MyFirstSale. One day, you’ll be able to look back on these memories and see how creating a business shaped your kids. Get 10% off when you sign up today.


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