30 Ways to Make Money as a Kid

Kids, you might be too young to have a job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money. All it takes is creativity, hard work, and commitment. Try one of these ideas to get you started.


Remember, you might need your parents’ help with some of these things. In order to stay safe and have the greatest chance of success, make sure you talk to your parents before attempting any of these ways to make money as a kid.

1. Have a garage sale

Ask your relatives if they have anything they no longer need. Once you collect enough items, hold a garage sale. You can put up flyers around town to advertise the sale. You’ll want to ask an adult to help you choose the right prices for each item.

2. Babysit or petsit

There are lots of people in your community who would love to hire you as a babysitter or petsitter. Are you younger than 12 years old? You can start by being a mother’s helper who keeps an eye on the kids while their parents are around but focused on other things.

3. Sell your crafts

Which crafts do you like to make? Maybe you create keychains or greeting cards. Whatever you choose to create, you can sell it to friends and neighbors by putting up a booth at your local farmers’ market or making home deliveries.

4. Find extra chores

Your parents might be willing to pay you to help them with extra chores around the house. Offer to do something such as cleaning the oven or organizing the drawer of reusable containers. Once you do this in your own home, think about whether you can do it for your neighbors or relatives too.

5. Organize a car wash

This one is best to do with other kids. With a big enough group, you can hold a car wash on your street. Ask for adults to help you research car wash prices in the area and figure out what to charge.

6. Grow a garden

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a farmer? If you have a yard, you can grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers in your garden and then sell them at your local farmers’ market. Check with an adult to find out which plants grow best where you live.

7. Sell your baked goods

Whether you love baking cookies, pies, or cupcakes, there’s probably someone in your neighborhood who would love to try your baked goods. Get the word out by leaving flyers on doorsteps or making calls. You might even be able to start taking monthly orders and delivering baked goods to your loyal customers on a regular basis.

8. Start a cleaning service

There are lots of busy adults who would appreciate help cleaning their houses. You’ll have to work hard, but you can make a good amount of money cleaning other people’s homes. Make sure you have plenty of experience cleaning your own house before advertising your services to others.

9. Take creative photos

Do you have an interest in taking photos? You might be able to sell your photos to stock photo websites like iStock and Shutterstock. You could also ask a professional photographer if you can tag along for some photoshoots and learn more about this skill.

10. Run errands for people

Sometimes, people don’t have enough time to finish their errands. You could help by going to the post office, dropping off dry cleaning, or picking up groceries. Of course, this depends on whether you’re old enough to drive or ride your bike alone.

11. Offer social media support

The youth tend to be much more knowledgeable about social media than older generations. You could set up social media accounts for elderly people or teach them how to use their new devices. Make connections through your grandparents or a local retirement community.

12. Rake or shovel

Depending on where you live, you can make some cash by helping people rake their yards in the fall and shovel their driveways in the winter. This is a great way to connect with your neighbors and build a list of customers you can keep coming back to.

13. Tutor other kids

Do you have a special skill or school subject you can teach other kids? You might be able to offer swim lessons, foreign language classes, math instruction, or music lessons to younger kids. Ask your parents for help coming up with ideas.

14. Digitalize photos

Lots of families have printed photos they would love to save digitally, but they don’t have the time or energy to do it. Offer to digitalize people’s photos for a small fee. You’re helping people save their precious memories while earning money for yourself as well.

15. Sell things on eBay

Did you know that you can buy nice things from thrift stores and flea markets and then resell them on eBay? You’ll probably need some assistance setting up an eBay account and learning how to set prices. This can be a great way for you to understand the ins and outs of running a business.

16. Work for your relative’s company

Think about each of your relatives and their jobs. Maybe your mom has a graphics design company or your uncle owns a restaurant. Ask them if they have any small jobs for you to do, such as stamping and mailing letters or creating new menu ideas.

17. Walk dogs

How many dogs live in your neighborhood? I bet their owners would love a hand with taking them for a walk a few times a week. Don’t forget your pooper scooper!

18. Take online surveys

With cool sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, you can earn money for taking online surveys. All you need is a laptop, tablet, or phone and a reliable internet connection.

19. Start a YouTube channel or podcast

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an influencer? You might be able to start your own YouTube channel or podcast. Begin by brainstorming ideas about what you want to become known for. With a unique idea and a hardworking attitude, you could reach a large audience.

20. Invent something

Whether you are passionate about video games or robotics, you could invent something that makes a difference in people’s lives. Once you have a brilliant idea, work with adults to look for investors or crowdsourcing to make your invention a reality.

21. Make a lemonade stand

Setting up a lemonade stand on your block is classic. Try spicing it up by having unique flavors of lemonade or selling other drinks like hot chocolate or sparkling water. If you make this a habit, you might gain some regular customers.

22. Bake dog and cat treats

Having organic dog treats and other specialty items for your pet is super trendy right now. Take advantage of this by offering something unique to your neighbors and friends such as doggy donuts or homemade cat treats.

23. Mow lawns

On a nice day, it’s great to walk around your neighborhood with a lawn mower and offer to mow people’s lawns. If you can find a few regular customers, you’ll be able to have a steady source of income from mowing lawns.

24. Raise chickens

You’ll have to convince your family to get on board with this, but raising chickens and selling their eggs is a great way to make money as a kid. If you have enough chickens, you can do a farm-fresh egg delivery service around town or try selling your eggs to a local grocery store.

25. Write book reviews

Do you love to read? There are some websites that will pay you to write book reviews, such as Kirkus and Online Book Club. If you have a special gift for writing, you might want to write your own book and self-publish it!

26. Manage your own vending machine

This one requires a hefty upfront cost, so you’ll need to partner with an adult in your life to make it happen. Strategize where you want to put the vending machine and which kinds of snacks and drinks would be most profitable in that location. Visit your machine regularly to restock it and collect your earnings.

27. Find golf balls

Do you live near a golf course? You can collect lost golf balls and resell them to local golfers. Check the trees, bushes, and ponds. Make sure you work with the golf pro so you can avoid looking for balls while there are golfers on the course.

28. Have an outdoor movie night

Hosting an outdoor movie night is a great way to earn money and have fun at the same time. Invest in a projector and then sell popcorn and other snacks during the movie nights. This will bring your community together in a fun way.

29. Organize a play

Do you have what it takes to direct a play? You can organize a neighborhood play and charge ticket fees for the audience. Each kid who has a role in the play can receive part of the profit. This could become a fun tradtion that continues even after you grow up and pass it on to another kid.

30. Start a business with MyFirstSale

The easiest and most impactful way to earn money is to start your own business with MyFirstSale. All you need to do is come up with a product idea and then start selling to our online network. You’ll have your very own storefront page and helpful videos to guide you on your journey. Join our incredible community of kid entrepreneurs today!


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